BOXES AND SUITCASES TO GREECE                      carton        scases     
From our Warehouse
To Piraeus Port
ONLY $40.00 Each Box

To our Agents Warehouse
$60.00 Each Box

Come by any of our locations either in
Astoria, NY or Woburn, MA 
to get free boxes or use any
 of your own in similar
dimensions. And ship them
now directly to our agent's office
without having to deal
with the customs at all
DIM: 18x18x24
1 Cartons $60
2 Cartons $120
3 Cartons $180
4 Cartons $240

All directly delivered
to our local agents
in Greece for your
with most expenses paid
including custom clearance.
Note: It is not necessary to use our boxes although we provide them free of charge, you are welcome to use any similar sized boxes. The above offers are for household goods shipments only if any extra duties are incurred during custom clearance the client will be notified and be responsible for them.


Flat Charge, Packing Boxes Available, Free Insurance

SAVE TIME EFFORT AND MONEY!!! You are picking your goods up directly from our agent's warehouse saving you the trouble, delay and extra cost of taking them through customs and wasting your precious time and energy. 

FROM: Hermes Warehouse (NY or MA)
 P.O.T. WAREHOUSE (Piraeus)



Are the airlines killing you? Send all your baggage with us, we will take your suitcases directly to our agents warehouse custom clearing them for you, that way you wont have to waste your vacation in the Greek customs. Whether your going to Piraeus, or anywhere else in Greece we can do it.


  • Sailings weekly.
  • Rates are based on HHG shipments only, other commodities may or may not incur greater duties at the destination customs.
  • Hermes Intl Movers, Inc. offers no insurance coverage unless paid for as noted in our Terms  and Conditions.


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    Hermes Intl Movers is a freight forwarding company specializing in the movement of boxed or crated personal effects on a worldwide basis. We are approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Maritime Commission.

     Limited liability insurance is available for protection against loss, damage and or pilferage at a cost of 3% of the packing list declared value. Insurance must be requested in writing prior to pick up of the goods. This insurance is subject to exclusions and limitations per our open cover marine policy. Insurance claims must be sent directly to the insurance company and not thru  Hermes  Intl  Movers. Any damage or missing goods received at destination must be noted on the consignee sign off sheet at the time the consignee or his designated agent takes possession of the shipment.

    International airlines provide for free insurance up to $20 per kilo, as long as the shipment is in their possession. All claims under this provision must be made directly with the international airline and not through Hermes  Intl  Movers. Steamship lines offer free insurance up to $500 per box (maximum $1450 per shipment), as long as it is in their possession.

    Note, any shipment given to the steamship line as a shrink-wrapped skid or multiple boxes within a container is considered as one box. All claims under this provision must be made directly with the steamship line or their destination receiving agent and not through  Hermes  Intl  Movers

    Domestic shipments within the USA have no insurance coverage unless you have coverage from your homeowners or apartment insurance offers such coverage or you purchase insurance at a cost of 3% of your packing list declared value.

    We offer three days free storage unless otherwise agreed to in writing.  Storage charges will be levied to the shipper at a cost of $.05 per pound (USD) per day beginning with the fourth day unless otherwise agreed to in writing by  Hermes Intl  Movers. Shipments in storage not paid for in advance will be disposed of at our discretion.

    We make every effort to have the shipment arrive at its destination on time, however, we do not guarantee a specific transit time.

    Documentation must be completed and sent to Hermes  Intl  Movers, no later than one day after shipment is tendered.  Failure to complete the documentation required by Hermes  Intl  Movers, in writing, will result in  delay and or storage charges and or other penalties.

    The above offers are inclusive of custom clearance costs and are from our warehouse to our agents warehouse in Greece. They are only valid for household good and personal effects, and the client is responsible for any duties or taxes that arise from their custom clearing with the Greek Customs.

    Payment must be made no later than three days after shipment is tendered to Hermes  Intl  Movers. If not paid on-time and in full, storage charges / late fees will be levied to the shipper at a cost of $.05 per pound (USD) per day beginning with the fourth day unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Hermes  Intl  Movers.