Frequently Asked Questions

TopHow long will my baggage take to get to my destination?
    Transit time varies, but as a rule of hand, for Greece the transit time of a sea shipment is usually between 4-6 weeks. Please note that transit times are indicative only and are not guaranteed.

TopHow much will it cost me?
    For destinations and quantities not quoted please contact us by e-mail; fax or phone, with details of what you wish to send, point of origin and destination.

TopCan Hermes Intl Movers pack for me or do I have to do my own packing?
    Most clients shipping baggage and non-breakable items pack their own shipments to minimize cost. We can pack all sizes of shipment, but minimum charges for packing do apply, so it is not usually viable for us to pack shipments of less than 35 cubic ft (1 cubic meter) or 440 lbs (200 kgs).
    If you have a large amount of furniture or other fragile/delicate items we recommend that we pack for you. Packing charges are variable dependent on size of job, complexity, and location. If you are packing yourself, we are able to supply a wide variety of packing materials, for a minimal cost. If we pack for you we will supply all necessary materials.

TopDoes the cost include insurance?
    No but comprehensive air and marine transit insurance is available.

TopCan I bring my goods into the Hermes Intl Movers warehouse?
    Yes you can. If the shipment is large or complicated, please advise in advance so that we can prepare to deal with your baggage.

TopHow long can I keep the boxes for?
    Where we supply boxes, cartons or packing materials, they may be retained by you indefinitely, upon payment of a deposit of $ 10.00 per item. Please bear in mind that cartons and packing materials remain our property until your shipment is paid in full.

TopDo we have to use Hermes Intl Movers cartons or can we use our own?
    We are happy to accept any strong/good quality carton or case. Please remember that cartons should be at least of thick double wall strength. Hi-fi, stereo, computer, and electrical appliance cartons are normally intended for domestic distribution with items of similar weight and measures and as such are usually unsuitable for export shipment. Such items should be repacked into suitable heavy-duty cartons or packing cases.

TopIs there any weight restriction with sea freight?
        No weight limits are applied on ocean freight shipments. However, all items should, unless previously agreed with us, be suitable for handling by one man. Surcharges will apply to items that require more than one man to handle them. Such items must be advised to us well in advance. When packing multiple cartons it is essential to distribute the weight evenly. Overloaded items are much more susceptible to damage in transit.

TopCan I seal the cartons?
        Cartons should be sealed by owners prior to dispatch. However, they may then be reopened at the complete discretion of Hermes Intl Movers, for security purposes only. All shipments are subject to security checks and/or vacis examination, which may involve a search.

TopWhat charges do I have to pay at the other end when sending my baggage to arrival airport/airport only?
    Our door to door charges include the prepayment of destination port/airport unloading, customs clearance ( taxes -duties if any does not include), and delivery charges to your residence overseas. Door to port expressly excludes these services at destination and as such is less expensive. If you send your goods by air and send them to arrival airport only, nominal charges will be due to destination agents for unloading and handling.

TopDoes Hermes International Movers ship commercial goods?
    Yes, we do. Please contact our commercial department, in Tel : 718 626-5001 or Toll Free : 877-889-7011 Fax : 718-627-4770 or e-mail us at :

TopDoes Hermes Intl Movers ship motorbikes and motor vehicles?
        Yes we do. We provide services for cars and motorbikes for all Greece. We put your vehicles inside either a 20 or 40 ft container so they come out unscathed through the journey.

TopHow will I be contacted at destination?
        For ocean freight shipments you will normally be contacted prior to arrival by our chosen agents. We notify agents well in advance of the arrival of shipments, and all documents etc. are sent by approved courier. Our foreign agents can arrange customs clearance and local delivery, if not already set up with us at the time of shipment. For air shipments, our agents, or in some cases the airline carrier, will notify you on arrival, where possible, by telephone. It is essential that we receive either a telephone, fax or e-mail address so that they can contact you as soon as possible. Storage charges are levied by airlines and air freight agents on uncollected shipments. These can be expensive compared to storage charges levied on uncollected ocean freight shipments.

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